Read the Fourth Quarter 2015 BCSP eNewsletter

Published on Thursday, December 17, 2015

The latest BCSP eNewsletter is available for everyone.

The Fourth Quarter 2015 eNewsletter features:

  • BCSP Social Media LogoAn introduction to new members of our growing team
  • An article illustrating how our accredited certifications and partnerships are advancing careers and the profession
  • Our 2016 Board Officers and new Members
  • The submission forms for the 2016 BCSP Award of Excellence
  • A "Thank You!" to BCSP mentors
  • A report on new international safety standards and the global outreach we are participating in to ensure those standards are met
  • Details on some of the new features available in the Certification Management System (CMS)
  • An outline of some of the changes to expect in certification in the coming year, and much more...

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