Log Your Recertification Activities as You Complete Them

BCSP Encourages You to Enter Recertification Points in Our Online Worksheet

Published on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

As a BCSP certificant, you can log your recertification activities at any time, and if you are in the final year of your recertification cycle you can submit your recertification worksheet now!

Please note, in an effort to encourage timelier submission of recertification documents, the final submission date has been changed from March 31 to March 1. Maintain your certification by submitting your recertification worksheet before March 1.

BCSP offers a helpful worksheet to help log and keep track of your recertification points. You can access this tool by logging into your My Profile account and clicking on the “Recertification” section. There you will find a worksheet that will save your points online and make it easier to log and submit to BCSP.

BCSP has also offered two new methods of obtaining recertification points. Under Category 10, you can now become a Certified Safety Management Practitioner which will garner six (6) points towards your recertification goal. You can also take advantage of BCSP’s recent agreement with the United States Army Combat Readiness Center (USACRC) and become a CP-12 Professional Certificate in Safety and Occupational Health holder. This certificate will award you 25 points towards your recertification needs. Please note, the CP-12 is only available to military civilians and federal employees serving in safety and occupational health job roles.

If you have any other questions you can reference our FAQ regarding the recertification changes, the Recertification webpage, or contact Certification Services.